Wednesday, 13th May - Crana College 5k - Results (PROVISIONAL)

The story so far...First 100 finishers available for approval (and dispute). Apologies for both the delay and the inevitable inaccuracies. We would appreciate any help on the matter - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The turnout was remarkable. Congratulations to both the organisers and the local community. WELL DONE!...Let the amendments commence...

pdfRESULTS - Crana College 5k - Overall (First 100)

pdfRESULTS - Crana College 5k - Categories (First 100)

pdfENTRIES - Crana College 5k

Saturday, 18th April - St. Mura's 5k, Muff - Results

pdfRESULTS - Juvenile 1 Mile

pdfRESULTS - Senior 5k

Monday, 6th April - St. Mura's 5k - Results

pdfRESULTS - St. Mura's 5k

Sunday, 5th April - LAC Easter Sunday 3k - Results

pdfRESULTS - Letterkenny AC Easter Sunday 3k

Senior Training Schedules / Coaching Rotas (Carndonagh / Buncrana)

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Senior / Fit4Life AND Beginner Periodization Training Schedules

pdf DOWNLOAD - April 2015 Periodization Plan (until Sunday, 31st May)

pdf DOWNLOAD - Spraoi Agus Sport Couch to 5km Plan (April - June 2015)

pdf DOWNLOAD - Training Times / Venues (January - April 2015)

Couch to 5K Coaching Rota (from April 2015)

pdfCoaching Rota - Carn 

pdfCoaching Policy - Buncrana

pdfCoaching Policy - Moville


Coaching Rota and Policy / Guidelines (from February 2015)

pdfCoaching Rota  (until / including first week of June 2015)

pdfCoaching Policy

pdfSuggested Dynamic Warmup Exercises


Strength & Conditioning Exercises

pdfDOWNLOAD Strength & Conditioning Exercise Guide


Calculation of Heart Rate Training Zones

pdfDownload Heart Hate Training Zones Guide

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