Members are asked to assist the Records Officer with overall Club record keeping by recording personal performances. 
DOWNLOAD 2017 Performance Records Sheet (DIY) - pdfPDF version | docMicrosoft Word

Senior & Juvenile Training Schedules / Coaching Policy & Plan

Senior / Fit4Life AND Beginner Periodization Training Schedules

pdfDOWNLOAD - 3k / Half Marathon (until Sunday, 4th March)


Strength & Conditioning (Plyometric) Exercises

pdfDOWNLOAD - Strength & Conditioning Plan


 NEW Training Times / Venues 2017-18

pdfTraining Times / Venues (September 2017 to June 2018)


Juvenile Training Schedule

pdfDOWNLOAD - Juvenile Training Schedule (until Sunday, 28th January)

pdfBorg Scale of Perceived Exertion


Coaching Policy / Plan

pdfCoaching Policy

pdfCoaching Plan

Membership 2018

 Completed membership forms will not be accepted by email. Please see Information Sheet for guidelines regarding submission of registration forms to the Committee.

Senior & Fit4Life 2018 Membership Information Sheet pdfIMPORTANT INFORMATION (PENDING) for new Senior & Fit4Life members and membership renewal (please read before downloading membership form).

Senior & Fit4Life 2018 Membership Form - docMicrosoft Word version | pdfPDF version

Juvenile 2018 Membership Information Sheet  pdfIMPORTANT INFORMATION (PENDING) for new Juvenile members and membership renewal (please read before downloading membership form).

Juvenile 2018 Membership Form - pdfPDF version

RIP Gerard Doyle, Friend, Coach, Athlete

Ger Doyle
Our friend, fellow athlete & club coach Ger Doyle sadly passed away on Thursday, 8th June. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him in his personal, professional and athletic life.
Ger has been an Inishowen AC member and coach for a number of years now and his enthusiasm, motivation and determination for the kids in the club was unparalleled. His heart was very much in the right place and he loved nothing more than seeing our young athletes train and compete. He was a great advocate of acknowledging the efforts of all the kids, regardless of ability or whether they competed or not, if you came to training every week that was good enough. In his book everyone was equal.
At both training and competition Ger loved nothing more that motivating the kids psychologically and had a great belief in everyone having the right mental attitude. It was great to listen to him get into their heads and prepare them for competing.
Ger was a talented athlete in his youth and drew on this experience when coaching the youngsters. He had taken up running again recently and competed our own half marathon in an impressive 1½ hours. He was instrumental in drafting our recently adopted club constitution and was a very active committee member, working tirelessly on our future plans for new club facilities.
Ger was a gentleman with a fantastic intellect, wit and passion. He will be sadly, sadly missed by all that had the good fortune to meet him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mary and two children Hannah and John James at this sad time.
RIP Gerard Doyle, friend, coach and athlete.
Inishowen AC Committee

Download 2017 Performance Records Sheet (DIY)

Members are asked to assist the Records Officer with overall Club record keeping by recording personal performances. 

DOWNLOAD 2017 Performance Records Sheet (DIY) - pdfPDF version | docMicrosoft Word

Tuesday, 19th July - Mairead & Mary's 10 Fun Run / Walk - Results

pdfRESULTS - Mairead & Mary's 10 Fun Run / Walk

 (10k Fun Run & Walk in aid of the A.J. Trust & Foyle Sailability.)

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